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Daily Blogs

The political future of Imran Khan is at stake as he face off against military challenges, legal troubles, and social unrest

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in trouble

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan faces multiple cases as police has made attempts to arrest him in a case

China Targets 5% GDP Growth as it Bounces

China’s economic growth is set to rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic as China targets 5% GDP growth for 2023. This

As dollar rate in Pakistan rise, the situation of the common people deteriorates.

Dollar rate in Pakistan rise: Life gets tougher

As the dollar rate in Pakistan rise, the inflation continues to follow the suit, hitting 41.07% in the week ending

Tens of Thousands Protest in Georgia Over Foreign

(FP) – Tens of thousands of people gathered in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, for the second day of

Climate Change, Global Warming, Environmental Crisis

London: The world is currently facing a severe environmental crisis, and it’s time we start taking climate change seriously. For