Peruvian “Alien Mummies” Debunked as Earthly Artifacts

Alien Mummies

In a revelation on Friday, scientific analysis refuted the extraterrestrial origins of a pair of mysterious “alien mummies” discovered at Lima’s airport in October last year.

Experts, during a press conference in Lima, described the two small specimens as humanoid dolls likely crafted from a combination of human and animal parts. Additionally, a three-fingered hand, thought to be from Peru’s Nazca region, was analyzed, with experts conclusively denying any link to alien life.

Archaeologist Flavio Estrada, from Peru’s Institute for Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, clarified, “They’re not extraterrestrials. They’re dolls made from animal bones found on this planet, joined together with modern synthetic glue.”

The two figurines surfaced in the DHL office at Lima airport, concealed in a cardboard box, designed to resemble mummified bodies adorned in traditional Andean attire. Speculation about possible alien origin arose in some media outlets.

In a related incident last September, a Mexican congressional hearing featured two tiny mummified bodies with elongated heads and three-fingered hands. Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan claimed these bodies, dating back about 1,000 years and supposedly recovered from Peru in 2017, were unrelated to any known species.

While initially generating widespread media coverage, most experts later dismissed them as a likely fraud, potentially combining mutilated ancient human mummies with animal parts, but nonetheless originating from Earth.

During the Lima press conference, organized by Peru’s culture ministry, experts made it clear that the dolls found in the DHL office were not linked to the bodies presented in Mexico. They emphasized that the remains in Mexico were also not of extraterrestrial origin.