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Why don’t I have Instagram notes? A guide to the new feature

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If you are wondering why you don’t have Instagram notes, you are not alone. Many users have been curious about the new feature that allows you to share short messages with your friends or followers in your inbox. In this article, we will explain what Instagram notes are, how to get them, how to use them, and why you might not see them on your app.

What are Instagram notes?

Instagram notes are short posts or messages that appear at the top of other people’s inbox. They are similar to old-school messaging services like AIM and MSN Messenger, giving you the option to post about your current mood, status or anything else on your mind in 60 characters or less .

When you post a note, you can select followers who follow you back or your Close Friends list as the audience . The note will remain at the top of your friends or followers’ inbox for 24 hours before disappearing. You can also update, edit or delete your note at any time. Friends or followers have the option to respond to your note (as you do theirs) and replies will appear as DMs in your messages inbox.

How to get the notes

Instagram notes are available to everyone with Instagram with the exception of users based in the European Union, United Kingdom and Japan due to regulatory constraints . The feature is expected to roll out in those countries early 2023.

To get Instagram notes, you need to update your app to the latest version or log out and log back in again . You should see a plus sign on your profile icon at the top left of your inbox. That’s where you can create and post a note.

How to use the notes

To use Instagram notes, follow these steps:

  • Open your DM inbox on Instagram. Your profile photo or icon should appear at the top left along with other followers or friends who’ve posted a note. The notes will appear as small bubbles over their icons. You’ll be able to see the first few words; to read the complete note (assuming it’s a little longer), tap on it.
  • To create your own note, tap on your icon with a plus sign. You will get a pop-up in which you can type a note of up to 60 characters. Below your text, you’ll be invited to select the people you want to share the note with. You have two choices: either you can share it with all of the followers you follow back or with people who are designated “close friends”.
  • To edit or delete your note, tap on your icon again and make the changes you want. Your note will be updated or removed accordingly.
  • To reply to a note from someone else, tap on their icon and type your message. Your reply will appear as a DM in your messages inbox.

Why don’t I have Instagram notes?

If you don’t have Instagram notes, there could be several reasons:

  • You are based in one of the regions where the feature is not yet available (EU, UK, Japan) .
  • You have not updated your app to the latest version or logged out and logged back in again .
  • You have not followed anyone back or added anyone to your close friends list.
  • You have not received any notes from anyone else.

Instagram notes are a fun and easy way to share your thoughts and see what your friends are up to. They are also a great way to start conversations and engage with your audience. If you don’t have them yet, don’t worry – they will be coming soon to your app. In the meantime, you can enjoy other features like Stories, Reels, Live and more.

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