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Dollar rate in Pakistan rise: Life gets tougher for the commoners

As dollar rate in Pakistan rise, the situation of the common people deteriorates.

As the dollar rate in Pakistan rise, the inflation continues to follow the suit, hitting 41.07% in the week ending March 2.

There is little doubt left that the Pakistanis are feeling the pinch of skyrocketing prices on their daily lives. The surge in prices has left many struggling to afford basic necessities, with concerns over social unrest mounting.

“I used to buy chicken once a week, but now I can’t even afford to buy it once a month,” said Sana, a housewife in Lahore. “Everything has become so expensive that we have to think twice before buying anything. Our monthly budget is completely out of control.”

Similarly, Ali, a shopkeeper in Rawalpindi, said, “People are buying only the bare minimum, and even then, they are bargaining for lower prices. This situation is hitting the common man the hardest.”

The price hike has had a domino effect on other sectors as well, with businesses shutting down and unemployment on the rise. “I lost my job two months ago, and with prices skyrocketing, I don’t know how I will support my family,” said Ahsan, a resident of Karachi.

The impact of dollar rate in Pakistan rise is not limited to individuals; the country’s economy is also facing the heat. “We are struggling to keep our business afloat with the rising costs of raw materials and transportation,” said Faisal, a small business owner in Islamabad.

The situation has also caught the attention of international lenders, who have warned against the possibility of social unrest. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have urged the government to take swift action to control inflation and protect the most vulnerable sections of society.

In response, the government has announced measures to address the issue, including the reduction of taxes on essential goods and an increase in subsidies for the poor. However, many citizens remain skeptical about the effectiveness of these measures.

“I don’t see how these measures will make a difference,” said Sana. “The government needs to take more concrete steps to control inflation, or else life will become impossible for the common man.”

As the country grapples with the impact of dollar rate in Pakistan rise, the government must take urgent action to mitigate the effects of inflation and support those who are most affected by it. Only then can Pakistan ensure that its citizens have access to basic necessities and a decent standard of living.

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