Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in trouble over gift purchase case

The political future of Imran Khan is at stake as he face off against military challenges, legal troubles, and social unrest

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan faces multiple cases as police has made attempts to arrest him in a case related to the purchase and sale of gifts. The police claimed that Khan was avoiding arrest, and a superintendent had gone to his room, but the 70-year-old was not present.

The case revolves around the purchase and sale of gifts that were given to Khan during his tenure as prime minister. According to reports, the gifts were sold to a private company, allegedly in violation of rules and regulations.

In a series of tweets, the police accused Khan of evading arrest, saying that “Imran Khan is avoiding arrest in the gifts case. Police officers have arrived at his residence in Lahore to arrest him, but he is not cooperating.”

The tweets sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, with many expressing their support for Khan and criticizing the government for what they saw as political victimization. However, others called for accountability and transparency, saying that no one was above the law.

The police’s attempts to arrest Khan come amid rising political tensions in the country, with the opposition accusing the government of using state institutions to silence dissent. Khan’s party, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, has also faced criticism over its handling of the economy and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Khan, who served as prime minister from 2018 to 2022, is known for his anti-corruption stance and his efforts to reform the country’s political system. However, his critics have accused him of being authoritarian and of using his power to stifle dissent.

The situation remains tense, with the police continuing their efforts to arrest Khan. The Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has not yet issued a statement on the matter, and it is unclear what his next move will be. However, the case is likely to fuel further political tensions in the country, with the opposition and government supporters taking opposing sides.

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