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Army Chief Warns Youth Against Social Media Propaganda

Army Chief Warns Youth

Chief of the Army Staff General Asim Munir addressed the Pakistan National Youth Conference in Islamabad, cautioning the youth about the impact of social media content.

He emphasized that one of the objectives of social media “propaganda” is to “spread negativity and chaos in society.”

Speaking to the attendees, General Munir urged them to verify and confirm content on social media platforms, expressing confidence in the upcoming generation. He assured the audience that the armed forces of Pakistan stand ready to face any threat or conspiracy against the country.

During his speech, General Munir highlighted the significance of national identity, stating, “If we exist as the people, it is because Pakistan is our identity, and we would be ‘nothing’ without the country.” He stressed that the nation would never compromise on its sovereignty and expressed unwavering faith in Pakistan’s bright future.

Referring to the youth as guardians of the country’s traditions, General Munir underscored the importance of national unity in the fight against terrorism. He encouraged the youth to have confidence in the country, its culture, and themselves, stating that they are the offspring of a great homeland and nation.

The army chief pointed out that Pakistan is blessed with abundant mineral resources, agriculture, and a demographic youth bulge. He reminded the audience that rumors and fake news are being spread on social media to create an atmosphere of frustration and chaos in the country, emphasizing the importance of national unity.

In December, General Munir had warned about the spread of rumors and fake news on social media, stating that all types of mafias would be crushed with the support of the nation. He commended the farmers, calling them the backbone of the country’s agriculture sector, and expressed confidence in a progressive and prosperous future for Pakistan.