G-B: NATCO Demonstrates Outstanding Performance

Gilgit: In a recent development, the Northern Areas Transport Corporation (NATCO) has showcased commendable performance, signaling a significant stride towards stability and progress in the region.

The acknowledgment came from Mr. Abrar Ahmad Mirza, Chairman of the NATCO Board and Chief Secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan, during the 129th Board of Directors meeting.

Chief Secretary Gilgit-Baltistan expressed his satisfaction with NATCO’s current trajectory, underscoring its role as a national asset for Gilgit-Baltistan. Recognizing the institution’s pivotal contribution to transportation and connectivity within the region, he highlighted the consistent performance and articulated optimism about its future stability.

If the continuity of this satisfactory performance is maintained, NATCO will undoubtedly contribute to the overall development of Gilgit-Baltistan ,” stated Mr. Abrar Ahmad Mirza.

The provincial government is fully committed to utilizing all available resources to support and enhance the capabilities of this vital institution.”

NATCO, as a key player in the transportation sector, plays a crucial role in facilitating the movement of people and goods across the challenging terrains of Gilgit-Baltistan. The recent positive performance reflects the dedication and efforts of the entire NATCO team.

Chief Secretary urged the Board of Directors to continue their strategic planning and effective management, ensuring that NATCO remains a stable and reliable entity.

He expressed confidence that with sustained efforts, NATCO will significantly contribute to the economic and social development of the region.

Key decisions taken during the meeting include:

Transfer of Excess Employees’ Skills:

Professional skills of excess employees will be transferred to other departments.

Improvement of Passenger Service

NATCO passenger service will be improved and extended to other major cities of the country under wet lease.

Enhanced Repair and Maintenance:

Repair and maintenance of passenger vehicles will be conducted transparently and professionally.

Expansion of Fueling Stations:

Four additional oil tankers will be handed over to NATCO to increase revenue from fueling stations.
Increased Cargo Capacity: NATCO Cargo will enhance the company’s revenue by increasing the carrying capacity of its trucks.

Auction of Vehicles:

26 vehicles standing for auction for many years will be immediately auctioned.

Efficiency Improvement:

A report on increasing the functionality and efficiency of the NATCO workshop will be presented in the next meeting.

The Board of Directors unanimously appreciated the performance of the present management team and expressed hope that the growth journey will continue further.